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Fun Happy Power Rangers Holiday Fic Exchange
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Power Rangers holiday fic exchange! Sparkly fun for all!
Welcome to the Fun Happy Power Rangers Holiday Fic Exchange!

Hi, I'm megthelegend and I'll be your host for this very exciting project! You sign up with what you can and can't write, and what you'd like written for you, then I'll assign you to write for someone and I'll assign someone else to write for you. When you've written your story, which must be at least 500 words, you can post it directly in the community, on or after 23 December.

Signups will be open until Tuesday 2 December (or thereabouts; if you read this afterwards and still want to play let me know). Please go here to sign up.

Assignments will be sent out by Friday 5 December.

Fics will be due between 23 December and 10 January. Please post to the community with the following information (doesn't have to be in exactly this format though).

Written for:

Fics must be a minimum of 500 words. Please put all fics behind an LJ cut. Feel free to write more than one if the mood strikes you; you MUST write for your assignee but you can write an extra one for them or anyone else if you wish. If you need to default please let me know by 23 December - just pm me through LJ.

And above all, have fun! Happy sparkly fun!!!

* * *

Proudly affiliated with toku_holidays, a wonderful fic exchange for super sentai. :)